Continuous Medical Education

OHPL is a recognised institution for all doctors, GPs and is an accredited institute for CME's. OHPL is accredited by Fiji Medical and Dental Council.

CME is one of the ongoing medical updates that doctors have every 2 weeks. Below is the latest invite.

1Type 2 DiabetesDownload
2Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseDownload
3Duty of Care in Clinical Interactions: An Ethical Discourse from an Anaesthetic perspectiveDownload
4An Approach To Common Cardiac ArrhythmiasDownload
5Radiological perspective of sinusitis and associated complicationsDownload
6Cervical Cancer Screening and PreventionDownload
7HPV VaccineDownload
8Protean ManifestationsDownload
9Diarrheal DiseasesDownload
10First Trimester Complications of PregnancyDownload
11Children with Kidney DiseaseDownload
12Nephrotic syndrome in childrenDownload