Dr Sitiveni Vudiniabola

Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd
Specialist General Surgeon

Dr Sitiveni is presently a Consultant General Surgeon with 30years of experience,

Registered Specialist in Suva, Fiji.

Dr Sitiveni formally for 16 years was a clinical Surgery Teacher at the Fiji School of Medicine Suva (1998-2014).

Graduated from FSM in 1983.

Anatomy demonstrator at Auckland Medical School 1988-89. Clinical Forensic Medicine Cert, Monash University Melb 1999. EMST (RACS), EMST Instructor, CCrISP Cert, Liverpool Sydney, Master of Medicine in Surgery (RACS medal prize) 2001.

Laparoscopic Surgery training – Auckland Public Hospital 2000, Royal Melbourne Hospital 2001, Singapore 2010. Chennai India 2017.

Currently Dr Sitiveni is an Independent Specialist at Oceania Hospitals and also at other private clinics in Fiji. His duties in Oceania Hospitals include both Inpatient and Outpatient General Surgeon.

Procedures namely in Goiters/Thyroid Surgery, Tonsils, Breasts, General Thoracic, Hernias,  Abdominal surgery , Laparoscopy and Endoscopic work.

E-mail - sitiveni.vudiniabola@gmail.com               
Mobile: +679 9258834