In light of the COVID-19 Corona Virus lockdown of the greater Suva area and the curfew hours put in place by the Fijian Government, Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd would like to advise the general public of the following measures:


-       Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd is operational and will continue its services to the general public as usual.

-       Please note that patients presenting themselves during the curfew hours will be seen on emergency cases only. Hospital clinicians will be available at all times. 


-       If a patient is able to present themselves during curfew hours for any non-emergency condition, the Hospital will be able to cater consultation at the new prescribed fee which will be the same as an emergency care fee. This is available on our website

-       Please note that Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd does not do any form of testing for COVID-19 Corona Virus nor do we treat patients that presents with the symptoms. We are working in line with the protocols and procedures set out by Ministry of Health and Medical Services. If a patient or visitor is suspected from initial screening at our reception, we will advise isolation to the suspected patient until contacted by Divisional Outbreak Response Team (DORT) to advise patient on testing and isolation. Suspected patients will be transported to CWM Hospital by DORT.


Please feel free to contact us for assistance or clarifications on the below contacts:


-       Landline: +679 3303404

-       Mobile: +679 9991268

-       Email:

-       Website:

-       Facebook:


Please stay safe, continue practicing personal hygiene and maintain social distancing.


Thank You,

Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd