Head of Lab & Transfusion Service

Dr Sivaselvam Sivakumar

Specialist: Pathology

Availability: Full Time

More About The Doctor:

Dr. Sivaselvam Sivakumar who is originally from India has been in the medical fraternity for 25 years as Pathologist. He started his career as a Lecturer in Pathology in India and moved on to becoming the Assistant Professor for Pathology in the early 2000s in various colleges in India.

From 2005 to 2009 he moved to Malaysia where he was a Lecturer in Advanced Medical and Dental Institute. He later went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he held the position of a Specialist Histopathologist and Cytopathologist at the Dammam Regional Laboratory and Blood Bank of the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Sivakumar moved back to India where he continued his teaching career as an Associate Professor for Pathology and later joined the Global Hospitals and Health City in Chennai as their Consultant Histopathologist and Cytopathologist.

He joined Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd in 2018 as the Lab Head and Consultant Histopathologist and Cytopathologist.


1998 – M.D in Pathology

1990 – MBBS