Here are some key features the Nursing Team provides:

  • Personalised care – We prioritise individual care tailoring your treatment plans to suit your specific needs and preference. Our nurses take the time to understand your medical histories, concerns, and goals, ensuring that you receive appropriate care
  • Availability and accessibility – nurses are more readily available to provide prompt assistance. This accessibility ensure that you will receive care and attention in a timely manner
  • Continuity of care – our team focus on building relationships between nurses and patients. This promote continuity of care, allowing nurses to become familiar with your medical history, preferences, and any specific requirements that you may have
  • Enhanced patient experience – we strive to provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for you during your stay. Your wellbeing, our Priority.
  • Skilled and experienced nurses – we have registered nurses who have extensive knowledge and experience in various medical specialties. These nurses are well – equipped to handle the complex medical need of all patients admitted our care

Our nurses work in the following area:

High Dependency Unit,Maternity Unit
Medical, Surgical and Paediatric wardsMedical Centre
Specialist CentreCath Lab
CICUEchocardiogram and Exercise Stress Cardiogram Room