An Anaesthesiologist, is a Physician or Medical Doctor who provides Anaesthesia (or Anaesthesiology); this is a diversified specialty requiring a Physician to harness knowledge of Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology, combined with Clinical and Technical skills which enable them to provide services in the Healthcare areas of:

  1. Perioperative Health Care – Surgical, Diagnostic Medical procedures
  2. Emergency Care – Accident and Emergency Resuscitation
  3. Critical Care – High Dependency and Intensive Care units
  4. Pain Management – General Medical & Surgical wards, Obstetrics and Birthing units, Oncology (Cancer) & Palliative care

You will most likely meet an Anaesthesiologist when you are required to have a Surgical or Invasive Medical or Diagnostic procedure. If you become severely ill and are in high depency or intensive care, an Anaesthesiologist will most likely take part in your care also.

At the core of the scope of practice of an Anaesthesiologist is your safety, comfort and general well-being.

Services Offered by Our Anesthesiologist
  • Pain Management
  • Extensive post-operative care / pain management
  • Acute and chronic non-cancer pain management
  • Cancer pain management
  • Palliative care for terminally ill patients