Diabetologist Physician

Dr Kenton Biribo

Specialist: Anesthesia

Availability: On Appointment

More About The Doctor:

Dr. Centon Biribo has been in the medical fraternity for 20 years and has developed his skills from a Medical Officer to an Anesthetic.

He started his career as an intern at CWM Hospital and later joined the RFMF’s medical team as a doctor before joining the CWM Anesthetic department in 2007.

Dr. Biribo spent two years in New Zealand as an Anesthetic and upon his return to Fiji join Fiji School of Medicine (FSM) as a Lecturer in Anesthesiology for Undergrad and Postgrad students.

He still is an Assistant Professor in Anesthesia at the Fiji National University. He joined Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd in 2020 as an Anesthetic.


2003 – MBBS (FSM)

2010 – Masters in Anesthetic